One day at Cai Rang floating market – the most amazing experience

What does floating market mean? This word seems a little bit strange but it is extremely similar to Vietnamese people. A floating market is a local market where goods are sold from boats. This type of market has existed hundred years ago and become an indispensable part of local people. You can easily find floating market in most provinces of Mekong River. One of the most popular ones is Cai Rang market which attracts around 300 to 500 travelers per day. From Cai Rang Bridge you can see the market stretches half kilometer downstream Can Tho River and hundreds of boats gather here from dawn till noon. Sitting on the boat, along a bustling road to Mekong Delta, you can observe the local daily life up close as well as the landscape of waterways and lush islands

1. How to get to Cai Rang?

Time to visit: start around 5 AM and ruin to midday.

Location: Cai Rang District, 6 km away from Can Tho City

Transportation: Once you are in Can Tho City, take a taxi or motorbike to get to Ninh Kieu Wharf then travel by boat about 30 minutes to Cai Rang floating market

Note: To enjoy the most animated atmosphere of Cai Rang market, visitors should stay overnight in Can Tho City and come here at the dawn (about 5 AM). If you are traveling in a big group, you should rent a whole boat as it will be cheaper and you can spend this money for exploring other destination

2. What to see and do?

You can see local people sell various goods from numerous tropical fruits, colorful flowers to delicious food. Most of the boats are full with a lot of agricultural products of Cai Rang Town and others nearby area like vegetables, banana, pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, dragon fruit, etc. Besides, other services and products like selling gasoline, clothes, cosmetics, spices or mobile card are available here. Breakfast is served on the boat with just a plastic chair, which makes it into a floating restaurant. Savour delicious local dishes in Vietnam South West such as bread, vermicelli and sour crab soup, Quang noodles with the price only 25 to 30,000VND (approx US$1.5). And then enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee or fresh coconut water to finish your wonderful breakfast

Although food is sold in small boats the taste of food absolutely can make you speechless. The famous chef Gordon Ramsay once said that the noodle he tried at Cai Rang has the best broth he has ever tasted. The flavor is so amazing that he decided to make it to a challenge for contestants in his popular show “MasterChef US”.

To have a perfect trip; don't forget to hire a paddle boat to cruise through the narrow canals and visit households with traditional occupations of home-based coconut candy and noodle factory. People said, "you only live once so travel while you can". Do not hesitate any more, just take a boat and make your own experience trip to see the beauty and busy of Cai Rang market

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